Cheeky Bio

So you stumbled into my shop! 😱

Imagine: A selfie of me smiling. Perhaps gesturing as if to say, “C’mon… Help me out.”

I was just thinking, “You know what might get you some new clients, Alexis? A blatant (but suitably cheeky) bio on my store.” 🏡

What you may not know is that from creating unique and compelling designs to online and offline marketing campaigns to developing innovative websites and crafting interactive videos, I’m a Jill of all trades. 🛠️

What I am most delighted with is the fact that I’m a published author. 📖  (Sorry, you won’t find it on Kindle though.)

I should tell you a little bit about me. I’ll be brief and use bullet points:
😜  My name is Alexis, and I’m the Chief Creative Officer of Crazy Family Love (in addition to being the lonely, yet dedicated owner).
🖥  I have an AAS Degree in Graphic Design and a Bachelor’s Degree in Design Management with an emphasis in Photography. (Basically, I get to design cool stuff, take cool pictures, and then figure out how to market it all!)
🌈  I’m passionate about what I do. I geek out on things like fonts, picas, and color.
😼  My cats are my work companions.
🏰  My bad habit is being a Serial Entrepreneur. (Yes, I do own multiple businesses. Thanks for asking!)
😈  …and because my cat’s addiction to food and shelter seems to show no signs of abating, I need to win new customers over to our side and away from those evil (ok, maybe not evil, but not as good) other freelance designers.
👑  This bio represents my first honest effort at being sarcastic and cheeky.

If you’re looking for an eager graphic designer that can be both sentimental, yet poignant and edgy, I’d appreciate it if you’d permit me to throw my hat into the race. 👒

Check out my store, where you can see examples of my designs alongside some quotes from my lovely clients waxing lyrical about my visual communication prowess. 👏🏼

Due to popular demand, I am continually updating my inventory with fresh designs. I can only keep so many products in stock at any one time, so supplies are limited! (That means, don’t wait to buy something because I can't guarantee it will be in stock 🚫  by the time you get back around to it!)

If you’re sufficiently curious about a specific design you have in mind and wonder if I can create something for you, I implore you to send me a direct message.

If you agree to contact me about your witty design needs, I’ll sweeten the deal and send you the lamest joke I know - OR - indulge you with some random trivia you’ll find borderline fascinating. This ridiculous offer is, unfortunately, by no means mandatory.

I’d love to prove my enthusiasm for what I do, and perhaps provide you with some ideas (of varying quality) to peruse. 🤔

I’ll keep my fingers, toes, and other appendages crossed that you have found my store entertaining, or at the very least, somewhat amusing. And that now you are compelled to pull out your wallet and part with your hard-earned cash 💸  (I take credit cards 💳  too!) 😉

Have an absolutely wonderful day. I insist. 😄
Alexis G.

P.S. If you have a colleague, friend, or mortal enemy that might need the assistance of a hard-working, enthusiastic, occasionally sarcastic designer, I would not be at all resistant to you suggesting they follow my store or contact me.

This small gesture would help me out enormously, and I would very thankful to anyone who gives me a hand.

Heck, even a ‘Like’ of my store ❤️  or for a particular design from you would be a massive help to me. Thank you, my fellow Etsy-ites. 👌🏼

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